Hem2015Happy Birthday to our I-litter!

Today is a very special day! Mummy’s girl PIMM is 9 years today!


PIMM, 6 weeks old.

Remember when she was born, like yesterday: her little mum CARMA was taking it all very easy, but it took a while. I started to get nervous and decided to go to the vets. We packed the car and took off. It was a heavy snowstorm out, and after 15 min she was born in the car. We just turned home again…

My little sweetheart, so precious to me – J SEUCH SEVCH VDH-Sieger Rostock2011 DKCH CIB Scuba’s Itchy Bitchy

HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO OUR I-LITTER: Kaiser, Harper, Viby, Pippi, Silla, Sascha! Sister PIMM hope you all have a marvellous day!

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