So, we have a new fieldtrialchampion!!!

Proud to present GISSA, J SE UCH DKUCH CIB CIE SE JCH Scuba´s Number One Hundred.

Our fifth generation of fieldtrialchampions here at home!

Many thanks to all judges at trials who appreciates our little darling at her best!

Gissa at the water- and trackingtest, full points in all: 10-10-10. Judge: Juha Åkerblom.

Gissa at the international show in Germany.


Nicke and GISSA at the FTs in Skåne. Judged by Anders Beskow. She had 2x 1st-prizes in elitclass!

Gissa and her retrieve at the FTs on Öland. She had a 1st and a 2nd in elitclass. Judge: Adam Dschulnigg.

Gissa approved in noviceclass at bloodtrackingtest. Judge: Torbjörn Andersson.

Nicke and the judge in the woods.

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